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Gehl Z17-2 Compact Excavator
GEHL Z17-2   GEHL Z17-2
Equipment Type: Compact Excavator Engine Manufacturer: Yanmar
Operating Weight (m tons): 1.7 Power Mode: Diesel
Operating Weight (lbs): 3836 Track Shoe Type: Rubber
Net HP: 14.5  
General Comments:

>14.5 net hp Yanmar Tier4 diesel engine

> Excellent visibility in all directions allows safe and efficient operation. Rear mirror provides a view
of the back and side of the machine for additional safety.

> Work lights and integrated boom light enhances the operator’s view after dark.

> Pilot operated joystick controls are operated by simple wrist movements, reducing fatigue during
a long workday.

> One-way auxiliary functions can be controlled by a foot pedal, allowing optimal control of high-
flow attachments such as compactors or breakers.

> Wide track gauge and an offset track drive system increase stability without adding to overall
track width.

> Easy-starting, even in cold weather without the need for block heaters or starting fluid.
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Caterpillar 352F Crawler Excavator
Equipment Type: Crawler Excavator Power Mode: Diesel
Operating Weight (m tons): 52.5 Stick Length (ft): 12.83
Operating Weight (lbs): 115700 Bucket Capacity (cy): 2.36
Net HP: 396 Track Length (ft): 17.67
Engine Manufacturer: Caterpillar  
General Comments:

> 396 net hp Cat diesel engine

> Fuel saving features include three power modes—high, standard, and economy—that allow the
operator to select an engine operating speed to match the application.

> An automatic engine-speed control adjusts engine rpm to match the machine's operating load,
and an idle shutdown system stops the engine after a pre-set idling interval.

> Electrically controlled regeneration circuits for the boom and stick cylinders reduce the volume of
oil required from the main pumps, thus reducing engine load, saving fuel and further enhancing

> The 352F’s cab is spacious and comfortable, featuring a pressurization system that provides
positive, filtered airflow to resist dust intrusion.

> Routine maintenance points are easily accessed, including a remote greasing block on the
boom that delivers grease to hard-to-reach locations.
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Caterpillar 16M3 Motor Grader
Equipment Type: Motor Grader Power Mode: Diesel
Operating Weight (lbs): 63528 Moldboard Size (ft): 16
Net HP: 290 Operator Protection: EROPS
Engine Manufacturer: Caterpillar  
General Comments:

> 290 net hp Caterpillar diesel engine

> A new ECO mode, standard for Tier 2 equivalent and Tier 4 engines, is designed to improve fuel
economy by optimizing engine speed to 1,900 rpm in working gears when possible with no
compromise in performance.

> Also new for the 16M3 is the “OK-to-Start” system, which automatically checks the engine coolant,
engine oil, and hydraulic oil levels when the key is turned to the on position.

> The Cat direct-drive, power-shift transmission, with eight forward and six reverse gears,
incorporates the Cat Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Strategy (APECS) system,
designed to smooth gear changes and promote productivity.

> The new full-color touch-screen display, with an intuitive menu structure, allows the operator to
monitor machine performance, set parameters to suit operating situations, and access
service information for initial troubleshooting.

> The standard rear view camera system presents crisp images on the new information display
or on an optional LCD screen above the rear view mirror.

> The 16M3 also uses a new modular cooling package, which facilitates removal and installation
of components in the cooling system, providing an estimated time saving of 20 percent,
compared with the 16M.
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