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Takeuchi TB250-2 Compact Excavator
Equipment Type: Compact Excavator Engine Manufacturer: Yanmar
Operating Weight (m tons): 5 Power Mode: Diesel
Operating Weight (lbs): 10957 Stick Length (ft): 5.75
Net HP: 39 Track Shoe Type: Rubber
General Comments:

> 39 net horsepower Yanmar engine

> A four pump hydraulic system provides exceptional multi-function capability
and precision pilot joysticks deliver smooth, metered control.

> The multi-function monitor makes it possible to adjust hydraulic flow rates
from the cabin, and there are multiple presets so attachments can be
exchanged quickly and easily.

> Detent mode provides continuous oil flow for various types of hydraulically
driven attachments helping to improve efficiency and reduce fatigue.

> The automotive-styled interior is equipped with a high capacity HVAC system
to keep the operator comfortable throughout the year, and rocker switches
provide a wide range of functions.

> A large multifunction monitor keeps the operator informed of machine health
and performance and it is easy to read in varying light conditions.

> The deluxe high back suspension seat features multiple adjustments for
height, weight, fore and aft positions, and tilt for greater comfort and
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Deere 345G Excavator
Equipment Type: Crawler Excavator Power Mode: Diesel
Operating Weight (m tons): 35.7 Stick Length (ft): 10.17
Operating Weight (lbs): 78710 Bucket Capacity (cy): 1.63
Net HP: 249 Track Length (ft): 16.17
Engine Manufacturer: Isuzu  
General Comments:

>249 net hp Isuzu diesel engine

> With three hydraulic pumps, the excavator delivers 681 litres of flow per
minute, which is 114 litres more than the larger 350G LC excavator.

> With the three-pump system, you’ll swing over and dump, and be back to
the hole at about the same time as when the (two-pump machine) is

> The three-pump hydraulic system also provides greater flow for attachments.

> There’s no DPF filter. That means you never have to change the filter
because it does not exist.

> To improve stability, the 345G LC is built with the same undercarriage as the
larger 350G.

> The 345G LC boasts side-by-side cooling cores for improved cooling
efficiency and easy cleaning.
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Case 856C Motor Grader
CASE 856C   CASE 856C
Equipment Type: Motor Grader Power Mode: Diesel
Operating Weight (lbs): 33966 Moldboard Size (ft): 12
Net HP: 173 Operator Protection: EROPS
Engine Manufacturer: Kobelco  
General Comments:

> 173 net HP Kobelco diesel engine

> An Ergopower transmission and torque converter provide smooth automatic

> A 100 percent automatic differential lock combined with automatic no-spin
power splitting instantly transfers torque from a slipping tire to one with
more traction without any operator intervention.

> Features one of the most intelligent high-precision load-sensing hydraulic
circuits available on the market.

> Direct-mounted hydraulic controls increase lever rigidity and reduce play in
the system, giving the operator positive feedback and better control from
the hydraulic system during precision applications.
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Case DV26D Vibratory Double Drum
Equipment Type: Vibratory Double Drum Engine Manufacturer: Yanmar
Operating Weight (lbs): 5490 Power Mode: Diesel
Operating Weight (m tons): 2.5 Drum Width (in): 37.4
Net HP: 33.5 Operator Protection: ROPS
General Comments:

> 33.5 net HP Kubota diesel engine

> Each drum delivers a centrifugal force of more than 10,500 lb. and they can
be hydraulically offset for greater performance through turns.

> Key controls are intuitively integrated into the sliding seat for constant control

> Pperators can comfortably see to drum edges and all around the machine.
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