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1350R NXT2 Skid Steer Loader
Equipment Type: Skid Steer Loader Power Mode: Diesel
Operating Weight (lbs): 5130 Bucket Width (in): 54
Load Capacity (lbs): 1350 Dump Height (in): 83.5
Net HP: 44.5 Operator Protection: ROPS/FOPS
Engine Manufacturer: Yanmar  
General Comments:

> 44.5 net hp Yanmar diesel engine

> Sound reduction material within the cab suppresses outside noise for a
quieter operator environment.

> A front-lifting restraint bar with integrated armrests provides personalized
comfort and increased safety.

> Creature comforts include automatic dome light, cup holder, 12-volt outlet,
storage tray and multiple adjustable air vents.

> NEW LOW EFFORT control choices now include standard Servo-Assist T-Bar
or Servo-Assist Hand/Foot or optional Pilot Joystick controls with
Hydraglide™ ride control system to drastically reduce lever efforts and
lower operator fatigue.

> Digital color display shows real time fuel consumption, engine RPM's, machine hours, engine diagnostic codes, warning indicators and much more.

>All instrumentation is conveniently located in the upper-right and left
instrument panels for easy access.

> Hydraloc system applies brakes whenever the operator raises the restraint
bar, leaves the operator’s seat or switches off the ignition.
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Komatsu PC130-11 Excavator
Equipment Type: Crawler Excavator Power Mode: Diesel
Operating Weight (m tons): 12.7 Stick Length (ft): 8.17
Operating Weight (lbs): 28064 Bucket Capacity (cy): 0.67
Net HP: 97.2 Track Length (ft): 11.83
Engine Manufacturer: Komatsu  
General Comments:

> 97.2 net hp Komatsu diesel engine

> Steel castings in the boom foot, boom nose, and arm tip translate to long-
term machine durability.

> Includes an Auto Idle Shutdown feature that reduces operating costs by
cutting down on nonproductive engine idle time.

> Also includes Closed-center Load Sensing System that’s designed to provide
quick response and smooth operation, an Equipment Management
Monitoring System, a temperature-controlled fan clutch that enhances fuel
efficiency and reduces sound levels, and a 7-inch LCD display.
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Kobelco SK140SRLC-7 Excavator
Equipment Type: Crawler Excavator Power Mode: Diesel
Operating Weight (m tons): 14.9 Stick Length (ft): 9.33
Operating Weight (lbs): 32800 Bucket Capacity (cy): 0.50
Net HP: 105 Track Length (ft): 12.33
Engine Manufacturer: Isuzu  
General Comments:

> 105 net hp Isuzu diesel engine

> 10% increase in engine output (compared to SK140SRLC-5)

> Installed in the new SK140SRLC-7 is a heated and air-cushioned Kobelco-
branded Grammer seat that is constructed to incorporate the joystick and
armrests as one unit, so any movement of the seat means the operator
remains comfortable and in full control.

> The seat and console units of this superior seating system are designed so
that available range of adjustment provides the ideal posture position for
any operator to give all-day comfort, therefore boosting work efficiency.

> Further aiding the operator is a new control lever and hydraulic system that
has shorter, more precise lever movement to further promote operator

> Other features that boost operator safety are: A) the use of a LED door lamp
that switches on when the cabin door is opened or the ignition switched off,
and B) the FOPS Level II roof guard is equipped with a lockable swing-open
section so the external roof glass can be easily cleaned to ensure
unhindered visibility / daytime light.
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Deere 700L XLT Crawler Dozer
Equipment Type: Crawler Dozer Power Mode: Diesel
Operating Weight (lbs): 30900 Dozer Type: PAT
Net HP: 135 Track Shoe Width (in): 22
Engine Manufacturer: John Deere Operator Protection: ROPS
General Comments:

>135 net hp John Deere diesel engine

> Operating weight is increased by 750 pounds, providing more tractive effort
and better balance to improve machine performance.

> Equipped with a new factory-installed slope control offering which makes
grading easy by automatically maintaining the blade angle without the need
for an external laser or GPS reference.

> Featuring 15% more volume and 14% larger door openings, the new
operator station is spacious and easy to access, and it offers better visibility
to the blade.

> A new, 7-inch color monitor can interchange to show grade control
information as well.

> To increase uptime, these next generation dozers have optimized hydraulic
hose and electrical harness routings to reduce the possibility of rub points.
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