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Kubota KX030-4 Compact Excavator
Equipment Type: Compact Excavator Engine Manufacturer: Kubota
Operating Weight (m tons): 2.8 Power Mode: Diesel
Operating Weight (lbs): 6272 Track Shoe Type: Rubber
Net HP: 23.7  
General Comments:

> 23.7 net hp Kubota diesel engine

> Delivers increased breakout and lifting force while decreasing the overall weight of the machine.

> More than 500 pounds of additional bucket breakout force than the KX71-3S and nearly 300 pounds
more lifting force, the KX030-4.

> The KX030-4 auto-downshift feature allows the operator to travel in 2nd speed and make turns
without having to manually downshift, all while traversing a jobsite for better travel and increased

> A hydraulic diverter valve is located on the dipper arm and comes standard on the KX030-4, allowing
operators to easily switch between attachments with the turn of a wrench.

> The work light is positioned under the boom for better protection and increased visibility.
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