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JCB 370X Excavator
J C B 370X   J C B 370X
Equipment Type: Crawler Excavator Engine Manufacturer: Cummins
Operating Weight (m tons): 39.7 Power Mode: Diesel
Operating Weight (lbs): 87417 Bucket Capacity (cy): 2.7
Net HP: 322  
General Comments:

> 322 Cummins diesel engine

> New hydraulic system featuring Kawasaki pumps and the latest-gen KYB valve block

> Lift performance and stability improved by up to 11,464lb for optimal operation

> Bucket pin diameters maximised to 100mm to add extra strength

> Increased intervals for hydraulics, induction filters and greasing to simplify servicing

> Filter changes reduced by 23% over the 370Xs 10,000 hour lifetime
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