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Doosan 9-Series IC Pneumatics
Type: I.C. Pneumatic Tire Mast: 3-Stage
Capacity: 15500 lbs Service Weight: 22267 lbs
Power: Diesel  
General Comments:
Doosan has introduced their new D70-90S-9 series of forklifts.
The 9 Series Diesel forklifts have advanced safety systems in place to protect your most valuable asset, your people. With our GSS and OSS systems safeguarding your investment, with Doosan, you have peace of mind.

Some features include:
>Guardian Stability System (GSS)
>Operator Sensing System (OSS)
>Visibility Increased by 40%
>Electronic Parking Brake (EPB)
>Programmable Speed Limit (Forward & Reverse)
>Auto Deceleration
>ProTek Transmission Shift Protection
>Safe Entry/Exit
D60S-9 - 13,500 lbs capacity
D70S-9 - 15,500 lbs capacity
D80S-9 - 17,500 lbs capacity
D90S-9 - 20,000 lbs capacity
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