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Clark GTS Series IC Pneumatic Tire forklifts
Type: I.C. Pneumatic Tire Mast: 3-Stage
Capacity: 5000 lbs Service Weight: 8552 lbs
Power: LPG  
General Comments:
Clark has introduced their new LPG GTS Series (GTS 20-33) with solid construction and high quality components. With wet disc brakes and a split transmission as a standard features. The total cost of ownership (TCO) is significantly reduced since brake maintenance is minimal.

Some of the features include:
> Wet disc brakes
> Split transmission
> Hydrostatic power steering system
> Clear-view uprights
> Hydraulic control levers
GTS20L - 4,000 lbs capacity
GTS25L - 5,000 lbs capacity
GTS30L - 6,000 lbs capacity
GTS33L - 6,600 lbs capacity
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UniCarriers 3-Wheel AC TX-M Series
Type: 3-Wheel Rider Electric Mast: 3-Stage
Capacity: 3500 lbs Service Weight: 7171 lbs
Power: AC Electric  
General Comments:
UniCarriers has introduced their new TX-M Series 3-wheel forklifts, which replace their former TX-N Series. It delivers the extraordinary maneuverability of a compact, 3-wheel truck to negotiate tight turns and narrow aisles. It provides reliable AC motors that eliminate emissions without sacrificing torque
or power.

Some of the features include:
> Sealed Controllers
> Reliable AC Technology
> 10 mph travel speed loaded/unloaded
> Operator Presence System
> Automatic Parking Brake
> View Thru Mast
> Advanced regenerative technology
TX30M - 3,000 lbs capacity
TX30M(48V) - 3,000 lbs capacity
TX35M - 3,500 lbs capacity
TX35M(48V) - 3,500 lbs capacity
TX40M - 4,000 lbs capacity
TX40M(48V) - 4,000 lbs capacity
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