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Jungheinrich EJG 212-216 NA Series
Type: Walkie High-Lift Straddle Power: AC Electric
Capacity: 3086 lbs Service Weight: 4983 lbs
General Comments:
Jungheinrich has introduced their new EJG 212-216 series of counterbalanced walkie-stackers, which are used for loading and unloading cantilever-type storage racking, sideways lifting of pallets or special load sizes where support arm walkie-stackers cannot operate.

Some of the features include:
> Powerful low-maintenance 3-phase AC drive motor technology
> Cantilever-type pallet lifting
> High degree of maneuverability
> Speed-controlled hydraulic motor
> Intuitively-controlled ergonomic operating handle
> Multi-functional electric tiller
EJG 212 NA - 2,600 lbs capacity
EJG 214 NA - 3,000 lbs capacity
EJG 216 NA - 3,500 lbs capacity
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Doosan G25-35N(C)-7 Pneumatic Tire IC Series
Type: I.C. Pneumatic Tire Mast: 3-Stage
Capacity: 5000 lbs Service Weight: 8840 lbs
Power: LP  
General Comments:
Doosan has introduced their new G25-35NC-7 Series pneumatic tire forklifts. Operators can easily switch on the ECO mode from the dash. The ECO mode will reduce fuel consumption by 15% compared to standard mode.

Some of the features include:
> High Power, Fuel Efficient Engine
> 12 mph travel speed, loaded
> Oil-cooled Disc Brakes (ODB)
> Powershift Transmission
> Dual Element Cyclone Air Cleaner
> ECO Mode / Limp Home Mode (LHM)
> Visibility Through Mast
G20N-7 - 4,000 lbs capacity
G25N-7 - 5,000 lbs capacity
G30N-7 - 6,000 lbs capacity
G33N-7 - 6,500 lbs capacity
G35NC-7 - 7,000 lbs capacity
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