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Clark IC Pneumatic Tire S-Series
Type: I.C. Pneumatic Tire Mast: 3-Stage
Capacity: 5000 lbs Service Weight: 8111 lbs
Power: LPG  
General Comments:
Clark MHC has introduced their new S-series forklifts, the latest advancement of its heart of the line family of internal combustion trucks. The Series is available as LPG, Dual, and Diesel fuel powered IC engines.

Some of the features include:
> FORD 2.5L Balanced Engine
> High Visibility Silent Staging Uprights
> Two-Pedal Inch-Brake System
> Force-Cooled Wet Disc Brakes
> Hood Mounted Control Levers
> Traction Disable Seat Switch
> Speed Limiter
S20L - 4,000 lbs capacity LPG
S20D - 4,000 lbs capacity Diesel
S25L - 5,000 lbs capacity LPG
S25D - 5,000 lbs capacity Diesel
S30L - 6,000 lbs capacity LPG
S30D - 6,000 lbs capacity Diesel
S35L - 7,000 lbs capacity LPG
S35D - 7,000 lbs capacity Diesel
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