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UniCarriers PFD (PD6) Large Capacity Diesel IC Pneumatic Tire Series
Type: I.C. Pneumatic Tire Mast: 3-Stage
Capacity: 13000 lbs Service Weight: 19114 lbs
Power: Diesel  
General Comments:
UniCarriers has introduced their PFD Large Capacity Diesel IC Pneumatic Tire Series. The new PD6 Series, which replaces heir previous FD-2 Series, is designed to deliver maximum uptime no matter how difficult the environment or the challenge.

Some features include:
> Kubota V3800 industrial diesel engine
> Automatic 2-speed transmission
> Engine temperature & warning system
> Spacious operator compartment
> Floating power train and full suspension seat
> Travel speed selection switch
> Hydrostatic power steering
> Easy-view meter panel with LCD display and LED indicators
> Dual drive tires
> Wet disc brakes
> Wideview carriage provides greater visibility
PFD135 - 13,000 lbs Capacity
PFD135L- 13,000 lbs Capacity
PFD155- 15,500 lbs Capacity
PFD155L- 15,500 lbs Capacity
PFD175- 17,500 lbs Capacity
PFD220- 22,000 lbs Capacity
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Doosan 9-Series Internal Combustion Cushion Tire Forklifts
Type: I.C. Cushion Tire Mast: 3-Stage
Capacity: 5000 lbs Service Weight: 8200 lbs
Power: LPG  
General Comments:
Doosan has introduced their new IC Cushion Tire 9-Series. The all new GC15S-9 to GC55C-9 Series gives you the diversity needed to get the job done. Doosan’s 3,000 lbs. to 12,000 lbs. capacity trucks are true All-Around Players, providing peak performance in any application.

Some features include:
> Doosan exclusive Operator Sensing System (OSS)
> 20% more visibility
> Large, convenient emergency stop button
> Rear grab bar with horn button
> Strobe and back-up alarm for added safety awareness
> LED lighting standard
> OCDB (Oil-cooled Disc Brakes)
> Operator Optimized Display Location
> Safety Strobe, Alarm & Rear View Mirrors
> 5-Year, 10,000 Hr. Oil Cooled Disc Brake Warranty
GC15S-9 - 3,000 lbs capacity
GC18S-9 - 3,500 lbs capacity
GC20SC-9 - 4,000 lbs capacity
GC20S-9 - 5,000 lbs capacity
GC25S-9 - 3,000 lbs capacity
GC30S-9 - 6,000 lbs capacity
GC33S-9 - 6,500 lbs capacity
GC35S-9 - 8,000 lbs capacity
GC35S-9 BCS - 8,000 lbs capacity
GC45S-9 - 10,000 lbs capacity
GC45S-9 BCS - 10,000 lbs capacity
GC55C-9 - 12,000 lbs capacity
GC55C-9 BCS - 12,000 lbs capacity
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