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Raymond 8810 Side Entry Pallet Truck Series
Type: Walkie/Ride Low-Lift Pallet Power: AC Electric
Capacity: 6000 lbs Service Weight: 2744 lbs
General Comments:
Raymond has introduced their new 8810-FRE side entry pallet series. The Raymond 8810 Side Entry Pallet Truck brings superior maneuverability for improved productivity to a wide range of material handling and low level order picking applications.

Some features include:
> Contoured, height-adjustable back pad
> Grab handles
> Height-adjustable control handle
> Ergonomic backrest
> Operator-sensing floor mat
> Heavy duty undercarriage
> ACR System
> 6.5 mph/9 mph travel speed - loaded/unloaded
8810-FRE60L - 6,000 lbs capacity
8810-FRE80L - 8,000 lbs capacity
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Raymond 8530 Rider Stacker
Type: Walkie High-Lift Counterbalanced Power: Electric
Capacity: 2500 lbs Service Weight: 5600 lbs
General Comments:
Raymond has introduced their new 8530-C25 rider stacker. The Raymond 8530 Rider Stacker lets you handle loads at the floor or first level, and to interface with racks and conveyors. The 8530 Rider Stacker is ideal for horizontal transport, low-level order picking, and vertical pallet handling applications

Some features include:
> Handle pallets of all sizes and types
> Move more pallets and pick more cases per hour
> Ductile iron
> ACR System
> Height adjustable control handle
> Ergonomic backrest
> Speed-sensitive steering
8530-C25TN - 2,500 lbs capacity
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Clark SEC Series Sit-Down Rider Cushion Tire
Type: Sit-Down Rider Cushion Electric Mast: 3-Stage
Capacity: 5000 lbs Service Weight: 10578 lbs
Power: AC Electric  
General Comments:
Clark MHC has introduced their new SEC sit-down rider cushion tire series. The SEC20-35 brings all the power you need to keep your operation moving, without all of the harmful emissions. With excellent operator ergonomics, an advanced SMART dash that keeps operators informed, and a design that is Built to Last.

Some of the features include:
> Advanced ZAPI controllers
> S-Series Styling
> Turtle mode feature
> 3 performance models: Economy, Standard and Power
> Performance Enhancement Package (PEP)
> Password Protected Access
> Advanced Ergonomics
SEC20(36v) - 4,000 lbs capacity
SEC20(48v) - 4,000 lbs capacity
SEC25(36v) - 5,000 lbs capacity
SEC25(48v) - 5,000 lbs capacity
SEC30(36v) - 6,000 lbs capacity
SEC30(48v) - 6,000 lbs capacity
SEC32(36v) - 6,500 lbs capacity
SEC32(48v) - 6,500 lbs capacity
SEC35(36v) - 7,000 lbs capacity
SEC35(48v) - 7,000 lbs capacity
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