The Equipment Guru provides information You Can Trust

Since 2001, Crist Information & Research, CIR, has been supplying industry professionals and end-users with comprehensive, detailed, analytic and competitive information regarding the lift truck and heavy construction equipment industries. EQGURU began as the Lift Truck Guru® and Material Handling Guru products and databases. These two databases have now been incorporated into the broader EQGURU, which offers detailed lift truck and heavy construction equipment information.

Beyond providing in-depth industry analysis to contractors, equipment manufacturers, dealers, lenders, insurers, and government agencies, EQGURU provides its users with online tools to assist them in obtaining unbiased information. The EQGURU is an invaluable resource, which supports buyers of equipment and helps them forge relationships with sellers of equipment.

The EQGURU staff provides timely and accurate competitive information to over 20 manufacturers of equipment, as well as over 5,000 individual users, including equipment dealers and distributors, financing and leasing companies, insurance companies, Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.

EQGURU has been developed and is maintained by Crist Information and Research, LLC (CIR). Prior to 1999, the senior staff of CIR held various research and management positions and was responsible for the development of new products at companies such as Dataquest, Dun & Bradstreet, and Primedia (parent of Equipmentwatch).

Kyle Crist, President

In 2001, Mr. Crist left Randall Publishing to create a reliable and sound statistical-driven equipment data company, known today as Crist Information and Research, LLC. Before founding Crist Information & Research, Mr. Crist worked as the Senior Industry Analyst for Equipment Data Associates Research (a subsidiary of Randall Publishing Company) where he developed The Lift Truck Guru® and the Lift Truck Evaluator, and was responsible for all research in the material handling industry sector. Before joining EDAR, Mr. Crist managed all lift truck information services for Equipmentwatch. Today, Mr. Crist works closely with his business partners and industry professionals to create and improve upon the well-received product offerings of CIR. Mr. Crist graduated with honors from San Jose State University with Biological and Physiological Psychology degrees.

Alan Goldstein, CFO

Before teaming with Mr. Crist to co-found CIR, Mr. Goldstein served as Vice President of Equipment Data Associates Research (a San Jose subsidiary of Randall Publishing), which he founded in 1999. Mr. Goldstein conceived and developed The Evaluatorīƒ’ and The Serial Number Handbook for EDAR, and was responsible for developing its unique system of transaction based statistical analysis, a process and methodology that he continues to hone for the EQGURU. Before moving to EDAR Mr. Goldstein had spent 20 years in diverse research and management positions with the various publishers of the Green Guides and other equipment related data products. Mr. Goldstein oversaw the company's research operations and was its key product developer. In all, Mr. Goldstein has spent 27 years in the research and publishing industries. Mr. Goldstein has a B.A. in economics from UCLA where he graduated magna cum laude in 1967, and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa.

David Uribe, VP Sales

Prior to becoming a partner in CIR, Mr. Uribe spent over twenty years with Hewlett Packard, Inc. where he managed inventory control, warehouse operations, sales support and equipment procurement. During his tenure with HP, he gained extensive hands on experience with several material handling product lines, in terms of both fleet management operations and acquisition. Mr. Uribe's unique understanding of an equipment user's need for information, his relationships with industry professionals, and his product knowledge and analytic skills, provide him with a wide array of tools to support and assist CIR's growing customer base.